Ready to Quit Smoking?

Reality: You won’t until you’re 100% committed to stop.

  • At Gold Coast Quit Smoking, we’ll be here waiting for you when you’re ready to stop completely.

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What is Hypnosis, and how will it help me to Quit Smoking?

It’s simply a mental state where the limiting beliefs of your conscious mind are subdued, while the imagination and creativity of your subconscious mind are enhanced, allowing you to be highly accepting of new ideas. In a trance, you tune out all distractions and focus sharply on the subject matter at hand.

What happens?

Therapy is one on one with the client. It is therapy and not hypno-magic or mind control. The task is to resolve an issue that the client has problems with. Hypnotherapy includes discussing the issue and, through hypnosis suggestions, allowing the mind to reset its perspective and behaviour.



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